Vintage Turnspit Dog Animal Digital Clip Art Download Image Transfer

I hope you've enjoyed all the digital dog clip art I've posted this past week. Today, for my final dog post, is a digital dog download of a breed that no longer exists. This is a digital image of the Turnspit Dog. These dogs were bred and trained to run on wheels that turned spits for roasting meat. I created this vintage dog clip art from an 1885 illustration in a natural history book. I hope you enjoy this digital animal download in your projects!


  1. Thanks so much! Not only is this a great dog image, you inspired me to look up Turnspit Dogs and read more about them. I had heard of them before (along with turnspit boys) but hadn't taken the time to look into them more deeply. Thanks for the educational distraction. :)

  2. Their history is fascinating, and I wasn't aware of it before I discovered this illustration. I hope you enjoy learning more about this now extinct breed of dog. Thanks for your awesome comment!



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