Free Victorian Paper Doll Image Girl Child's Game Cat's Cradle Digital Clipart

paper doll victorian image sailor dress clipart image digital download
Victorian paper doll clipart image

This is a lovely and charming, Victorian paper doll clipart image. The paper doll girl is wearing a pretty dress that has a nautical fashion design. Her paper doll sailor dress is so charming. And, the little girl is holding red string as she plays the child's game, Cat's Cradle. This digital girl clipart would be a very wonderful design element for a girl's crafting project.

paper doll victorian girl child image cats cradle image clipart
digital Victorian paper doll image download .png

Antique Victorian Digital Clipart Package Women Fashion Portrait Downloads

women fashion victorian antique clipart download digital images
Victorian women digital clipart

Victorian women

Spring Flowers Roses Romantic Boys Clipart Gift Celebration Digital Image

romantic victorian roses boys valentine digital clipart download
Victorian boys holding roses image

Today I've posted a charming, Victorian boy clipart of two boys holding a bunch of pink roses. The boys are offering the spring flowers and a note as gifts, which makes this Victorian clipart a perfect Valentine's Day crafting image. I can imagine this digital boy clipart on handmade greeting cards, such as Valentine's and birthday cards.

rose spring romantic children valentine victorian clipart image
digital Victorian boys holding roses image download .png

Royalty Free Antique Illustration Sweet Pickle Image Child Food Clipart

food pickle soup victorian clipart illustration digital download image
antique food clipart image

Today I've posted a wonderful, antique Victorian clipart of a pickle. This digital pickle image is part of an antique advertisement for both Heinz's Tomato Soup and sweet pickles. The little child enjoying a hot bowl of tomato soup is precious and charming. This antique, Victorian food image would make a charming and cute gift tag.

food soup tomato pickle child victorian clipart digital download image
antique food clipart image download .png

Printable Farming Fowl Bird Clipart Roosters Digital Images Downloads

bird rooster chicken vintage clipart image illustration digital download
digital rooster clipart image

bird chicken rooster cock vintage clipart digital download
digital rooster clipart image

These are two wonderful, vintage, digital bird clipart images of roosters. The first digital bird clipart is of a Dark Braham Cock, and the second digital bird image is of a Dominique Cock. The digital rooster images are beautifully detailed. For any farming crafting project, these digital chicken images would make for fun and charming design elements.

digital roosters clipart download .png

Antique Flower Ready To Use Rose Violets Digital Clipart Wildflower Bouquet

rose violets wildflowers flower clipart botanical art illustration image
digital flower clipart image

Today I've posted a lovely digital flower clipart of a bouquet of yellow roses and purple violets. This pretty digital wildflower image is stunning and colorful. The rustic, distressed look of this vintage rose illustration makes it perfect for decorating handmade greetings and gift tags. The purple violets are a gorgeous contrast with the yellow roses.

rose violets flowers floral clipart botanical art illustration image
digital flower clipart download .png

Free Pink Shabby Chic Rose Flower Botanical Art Printable Crafting Image

rose flower shabby chic floral digital download image botanical art
pink shabby chic rose digital clipart

This is a very pretty, pink, shabby chic rose clipart image created from a vintage seed catalog illustration. Pink rose clipart is the absolute most perfect flower clipart for shabby chic crafting projects. Of course, all roses are great for shabby chic crafting! This digital rose is gorgeous! The flower is so big, and the tiny, green leaves surrounding the flower make it a lovely floral image.

rose flower botanical art image shabby chic crafting clipart download
digital pink rose clipart download .png

Antique Illustration Romantic Pink Rose Sheet Flute Music Clipart Image

flower rose sheet music flute antique illustration image download
antique romantic music clipart image

Today I've posted a lovely, digital, romantic music clipart image of a gorgeous pink rose with pages of sheet music and a flute. This digital music image is great for celebrating someone who loves music or who plays the flute. And, I can imagine this pretty flower clipart decorating wedding invitation sets, especially if there is live music or a flutist performing during the romantic wedding ceremony.

flower rose music flute botanical art digital image download
digital romantic music clipart download .png

Free Antique Victorian Women Fashion Portraits Clipart Collage Sheet Download

victorian women collage sheet digital clipart download fashion images
Victorian women clipart images

This is a beautiful and colorful Victorian women digital collage sheet download of fashion portraits, created from lovely, little antique paper scrap die cuts. There are four, pretty women portraits on this printable collage sheet. Each of the digital women cliparts is of a Victorian woman wearing beautiful fashions. Two of the fashion images show a woman with pink roses in her hair. And, all of the Victorian women are wearing beautiful necklaces. This is a fun and lovely printable collage sheet for lots of crafting projects.

digital collage sheet victorian women antique clipart fashion images
Victorian women clipart collage sheet download .png

Girl Holding Gray Cat Free Antique Clipart Illustration Digital Download

girl holding cat victorian illustration clipart image pajamas bedtime
Victorian girl holding cat image

Today I've posted an adorable digital girl clipart of a Victorian child in pajamas holding a gray cat. How cute! The young girl is taking her pet cat to bed with her. I can imagine the little gray cat snuggling next to the girl as they sleep in her bed. What are the most wonderful aspects of this digital girl clipart are the girl's and the cat's big eyes. I love the girl's big, blue eyes, and I love the cat's big, yellow eyes. So adorable!

cat girl bedtime image pajamas clipart antique illustration
digital girl holding cat image download .png


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