Vintage Border Design Digital Art Nouveau Decorative Crafting Element

Today's digital clipart download is a beautiful, stylized floral border design. I found this decorative border in a mid 1920's design book. The bold colors show off the Art Nouveau style! I've created a crafting, scrapbooking digital border for your creative fun! Enjoy! 

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digital background design decorative clipart scrapbooking element crafting

Vintage design digital clipart

digital scrapbooking element crafting background clipart art nouveau

Vintage decorative border design clipart

Rustic Distressed Backgrounds Floral Wildflower Pattern Crafting Scrapbooking Paper

Perfect for a spring project, today's digital clipart download are two scrapbooking backgrounds! The first digital crafting background has a polka dot pattern. The second digital scrapbooking paper is designed with wildflower pattern. Both digital papers have a distressed look, making the unique for your spring crafting. Enjoy!

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digital background scrapbooking paper polka dot distressed download

Printable background distressed polka dot pattern

digital scrapbooking paper background wildflower flower pattern download free

Printable background distressed floral pattern

free color palette chart download crafting ideas

Wildflower color palette chart download

Vintage Valentine's Day Card Printable Pink Heart Flowers Crafting Design DIY

What a bright, beautiful vintage Valentine's Day card design! Printed on a large piece of vellum paper in the early 1920's, this old Valentine is still vibrant! The card looks as if it was made yesterday! I hope you enjoy creating your unique Valentine's with this pink heart and flowers digital background!

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Valentine's day card printable vintage pink heart design download free

Vintage Valentine's Day card digital clipart

color palette chart download free crafting idea digital

Vellum Valentine Heart card color palette chart download

Boy Child Looking Out Wooden Window Victorian Children Storybook Illustration

Today's charming digital clipart is of a young boy looking out a window. He's thrown open the wooden doors, greeting the day with a cheery smile! I created this digital clipart from the cover of an 1888, Victorian storybook. How would you use this vintage child clipart? Enjoy!

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boy child clipart Victorian storybook illustration window download

Young boy looking out wooden window clipart

Vintage Art Nouveau Design Digital Background Crafting Element Pink Blue

Digital background designs are versatile design elements. Gift tags, cards, bookmarks, scrapbooking elements, ATC's, and lots more will be a joy with today's digital clipart download! The contrast between the blues and creams is eye-catching! Enjoy!

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decorative background download crafting printable Art Nouveau

Vintage Art Nouveau design background

digital crafting color palette chart crafting download idea

Art Nouveau color palette chart download

Free Printable Background Pattern Cross and Maple Leaf Digital Download

Today's digital clipart is interesting. I found this colorful background in an old design book under the heading, Historic Ornament. This design illustration is a border design used for interior design. Can you imagine this striking background design lining the top of your living room walls? Unique, to say the least! I've created a scrapbooking, crafting digital border for you to enjoy! 

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digital background download cross leaf pattern printable crafting

Digital design clipart

free border design cross leaf pattern printable crafting clipart

Digital border design

Butterfly Clipart Pink Brown Digital Insect Artwork Download

Today's digital clipart is of a pretty, pink and brown butterfly. I found this stock butterfly image in an old design book. The digital insect clipart is rustic, but still a wonderful design element for lots of your crafting projects. Enjoy!

Don't let this digital butterfly image flutter by! 

digital butterfly clipart crafting download insect stock image free

Digital butterfly crafting clipart

free color palette chart download crafting ideas printable

Pink butterfly color palette chart download

Digital Background Vintage Botanical Leaf Swirl Design Floral Art

Today's colorful digital clipart is a beautiful vintage background. This vintage background is a leaf and flower design. The stylized leaves and flower are in bright, warm colors that are striking in contrast to one another. The teals, olive-greens, cherry-reds, and mustard-yellows on this digital background all harken to autumn. Enjoy!

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free background floral art flower leaf design vintage image

Vintage leaf design background download

free color palette chart download crafting idea

Warm-tone color palette chart download

Wester Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Digital Clipart Free Download

What a bright butterfly! This digital butterfly clipart has every primary color! Perfect for your spring crafts, this vintage illustration of a Western Swallowtail Butterfly will add lots of fun and charm to everything you make. Enjoy! 

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butterfly insect western swallowtail digital clipart free download

Vintage illustration of a Western Swallowtail Butterfly

color palette chart bright free digital download crafting idea

Digital butterfly color palette chart download


Peach Rose White Lace Background Scrapbooking Digital Download

Today's digital clipart downloads are a bounty of pretty fun! Up first is a lovely and simple peach and white lace background. A simple lace damask design crafting paper can be used in lots craft projects. Second, you've got a complimentary digital background with a peach rose and polka dot design. How lovely these two printable crafting papers will look on your creations! Then, of course, you've got a warm color palette chart as a guide for all you embellishments. Enjoy!

 Grab another digital rose background here!

peach and white lace crafting scrapbooking background download

Peach and white lace design background

digital background peach rose polka dot design scrapbooking paper printable

Peach Rose design digital scrapbooking background

color palette chart peach rose crafting ideas digital download

Peach Rose color palette chart download


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