Digital Drop Cap and Monogram Download of Letters and Flowers

Isn't this a pretty bit of digital monogram clip art?! Especially with those pink flowers behind the red letters? I created this digital drop cap and monogram clip art from a tiny Victorian scrap. It looks to me as if the letters are: e, r, and c. And, it looks as if they're all in lowercase. Therefore, this drop cap image would need to be for a VERY specific project and person! But, despite the particulars, it's a lovely digital monogram that I think would be a fun element in any of your project. Maybe you could make a fun anagram for these letters and then use it in a project. I hope you enjoy this pretty letter and flower clip art!


  1. Love the monogram! But is the 'r' a 't'?

  2. Thank you :-) Well, I'm not really sure, but you could use it either way to suit your projects. I think you could get away with it ;-) I hope you enjoy!



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