Digital Download Vintage Great Danish Dog Clip Art

It's difficult to guess what breed of dog is depicted in this digital image transfer because it hardly resembles its modern counterpart. This is a digital download of the dog breed, Great Danish Dog, or Great Dane. I created this image transfer from an 1885 illustration in a natural history book. The general shape and size of the dog is the same, but there are other distinguishing factors that set it apart. However, it's still a wonderful digital animal download that I hope you will enjoy in your projects!


  1. Thanks so much for the image! Cute dog, though I'm glad that chopping their ears off (to varying degrees...this poor guy looks like he has little more than a couple of nubs) is falling out of favor. Overall, though, really cute dog! :) Thanks for posting him. I'm always excited to get a new dog image to play with!

  2. You're welcome! Yes, it's wonderful that there's a trend away from cropping dog's ears. I've enjoyed posting all these vintage dog images. Have fun with them :-)



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