Free Background: Antique Decorative Paper Background

This is one of my favorite backgrounds. I found this antique decorative paper inside the cover of an antique bible. I'm currently using this as a background for the .png images I sell on Etsy, showing off what the images look like on a background.


  1. C- Very effective background! From time to time I have trawled the internet for antique ephemera but it isn't half as much fun as shopping in person... :( Thanks for this background! Nancy

  2. Thanks, Nancy! I agree. I'd much rather buy ephemera in person and get a real good look at it. Now, I just gotta plan a road trip to the big city.

    You're welcome! Enjoy the background :-)

  3. Thank you...I am sure I will be able to use this for some sweet little project.
    Nice to know it came from a Bible.


  4. Awesome! So glad to hear that. Hope you have fun using it :-)I wish all old books had little treasures like this one in them.

  5. awesome...and I've printed many backgrounds from the internet and they look great in my journals...thanks for you site



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