Free Collage Sheet: ATC Backgrounds of Antique, Victorian Wallpaper

Do you love creating ATC's? I do. A friend of mine got me into them, and she's a real artist. They're little works of art and lots of fun to decorate.
So, here's a real treat for you! I've created a collage sheet of ATC backgrounds using antique, Victorian wallpaper samples. Each of the 6 images prints at 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I hope you have lots of fun using these. I recently bought a HUGE antique wallpaper book, and I'm in the process of scanning the pages. Phew! But, it's great fun :-)
I also came across a wonderful blog, Shadowhouse Creations, and what a find! Have you discovered it yet? If not, go check it out. The blog's author, Jerry Jones, is a talented graphic artist, as well as very generous with his free textures. I love them! I used several of his textures in creating this collage sheet.


  1. Jerry's site is great, isn't it? And thanks for these designs. They are gorgeous!


  2. Yes, it is! I'm in love with his site! :-) You're so welcome, Cia. I'm really happy you like them.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you so much! And thanks for sharing the link too!

  4. Thanks, Jacqueline! And, you're so welcome :-) I hope you enjoy both.

  5. Thanks so much for the images--they'll print beautifully on fabric, too. Love old wallpaper!
    Lynn in SoCal

  6. C- Thank you for these, they are beautiful! Jerry also has several great tutorials which I found very helpful. I'm just curious: where did you find an antique wallpaper book? I grew up on the East coast and now live in Oregon where the antiques aren't as plentiful nor as antique as what I grew up seeing. But perhaps I just don't know where to look! Have a safe and happy Fourth! Nancy

  7. C- I'm going to ask a favor! If there are any wallpapers with daffodils, would you post them or let me know if I can buy them? Thanks, you inspire me! Nancy

  8. You're welcome, Lynn! Have fun with the images! Thanks for the comment :-)

  9. Hey, Nancy! Thanks for your comments! You're so sweet :-) Wow, that really makes me happy knowing that I'm inspiring you. I really appreciate that.

    I live in a very small town, and it's difficult for me to get to lots of antique shops or real good estate sales unless I'm prepared to drive miles and miles. Sometimes I am, but mostly I rely on internet auction sites for finding treasures. And, treasures like these are getting harder and harder to find. I was extremely lucky.

    There aren't any daffodils in this particular wallpaper book. Sorry. There's mostly roses and a few other, assorted flowers in the designs. Thanks for asking for daffodils! That gives me something to look for and post here. I really appreciate the idea :-)

    Thanks, Nancy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a fun 4th!



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