Antique Illustrations Barrels Cider Baby Cradle Advertisement Clip Art

baby cradle barrel antique image illustration advertisement clipart
antique baby illustration image

cider barrel antique illustration image advertisement clipart
antique cider barrel illustration image

Today I've posted two, very interesting antique illustrations of barrel images. I found these antique advertisement paper scraps in a Victorian scrapbook. Since each of these images are of barrels, I thought they'd be great in a post together. The first digital barrel image is of an advertisement for a health product. The wooden barrel has been made into a baby cradle. Cute! The second digital barrel image is of a cider barrel; however, it's empty, which implies that the establishment carrying this ad didn't sell cider.

antique advertisement barrels image downloads .png


  1. love the baby one. and the other is interesting as well. thanks for sharing

  2. Yes, the baby in the barrel cradle is precious. Hope you enjoy. You're welcome!



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