Digital Background Paper Vintage Handwritten Shorthand Images

background writing digital download
handwritten office slip image

antique illustration handwritten letter paper image
antique handwritten letter image

handwritten shorthand image illustration digital download
handwritten shorthand image

handwritten shorthand test illustration paper image
handwritten shorthand test image

These are wonderful digital background downloads that I created from handwritten, shorthand samples, an antique letter, and an office slip for a class. I found these handwritten papers inside several antique books I've collected over the years. Images of handwriting make fun and unique backgrounds for many projects. The interesting and diverse styles of writing add a personal charm to any creation you can imagine. I especially like the second image of the antique letter, which was written in the late 1800's. The handwritten letter is tattered, torn, and very distressed and discolored, but that makes it so incredibly lovely.

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