American Flag Download July 4th Image Independence Clip Art

american flag image independence day clip art
American flag download .jpg
american flag independence clip art
American flag download .png

What a stunning American flag download! I created this digital American flag image from a beautiful illustration I found in a child's reader. It's the most gorgeous flag clip art I've found. This American flag image, the fabric rustling in the breeze is majestic. The gold tassels swinging in the wind also gives the flag image movement and making it much more visually interesting. This is perfect flag clip art for any July 4th and Independence Day celebrations you have planned. 


  1. So beautiful! Thank you so much. I love our flag. Edwina Brown

  2. Many thanks for this sweet image!

  3. You're welcome! Yes, this is one the most beautiful flag images I've personally discovered. I'm so happy sharing it with everyone.



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