Wildflower Stock Image Botanical Flower Clip Art Thrift

stock flower image
wildflower clip art .jpg
stock wildflower illustration
wildflower clip art .png

This is a pretty digital flower image I created from a vintage, 1885 illustration of the wildflower, Thrift. It's dainty, magenta flowers, exploding in colorful ball at the end of long stalk makes it stand out as a gorgeous wildflower. The contrast between the magenta and sage green of the leaves is very beautiful. This is a perfect flower illustration for a vintage-inspired project due its colors and shape. I hope you enjoy this beautiful wildflower clip art for many of your projects!

I've posted a very pretty project inspired by this wildflower image over at The Graphics Monarch. Go check out a 12" x 12" digital flower scrapbooking paper, which I'm sure you'll love using as a background!

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