Stock Food Images Vintage Illustrations Vegetables Salad

asparagus clip art digital
digital asparagus illustration .jpg
lima beans clip art digital
digital lima beans illustration .jpg

salad clip art digital
digital salad illustration .jpg

These are wonderful digital food graphics I created from three, beautifully illustrated food images. The vegetables, asparagus and lima beans, and the salad clip art are all bright and fanciful. And, with the vintage look of them, they add so much charm. I found these food illustrations in a 1966 cookbook. Whether you're creating handmade recipe cards, party invitations, or labels for homemade gifts of goodies, these stock vegetable images will be very pretty design elements in all your projects.


  1. These are the best! Thanks for the diversity of images.

  2. You're welcome, Tracy! That's exactly what I aspire to provide; a diversity for all kinds of creativity. I really appreciate your comment. Enjoy!



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