Digital Animal Downloads Illustrations of Boar, Buffalo, Asian Elephant, and Ram

pig boar animal digital image
Boar Wild Pig clip art .png

buffalo animal digital clip art
Buffalo clip art .png

elephant animal digital download
Elephant clip art .png

ram goat digital clip art
Ram Goat clip art .png

I've posted lots of digital animal clip art today!  These four digital animal downloads are of either horned or tusked animals: a boar, or wild pig, a buffalo, an Asian Elephant, and a ram. I created these animal images from tiny paper scraps I found in one of my Victorian scrapbooks. They're charming in their simplicity and vibrant colors. And, the artistic whimsy of the illustrations is very indicative of Victorian Art. I hope you enjoy all these wonderful and delightful digital animal downloads for your projects!


  1. Thank you for sharing! These are so cute, I never seen something similar before.

  2. You're welcome, Olga! Yes, they are rather unique, especially the whimsical Victorian style, which makes them appear fantastical.



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