Vintage Illustration Flower Brooklime Wildflower

Digital Image Transfer Flower Brooklime
Image Transfer Wildflower Brooklime .jpg

Vintage Wildflower Illustration Brooklime
Image Transfer Wildflower Brooklime .png
Flower Image Transfer Brooklime Wildflower
Colorized Wildflower Image Transfer .png

This is a lovely digital image transfer of the wildflower, Brooklime. The Brooklime flowers are very pretty shades of lilac and purple, which is so beautifully contrasted agains the light-green leaves. I created this digital plant clip art from a vintage illustration in a wildflower book. I love coloring image transfers on my computer, especially since I can give it an even more vintagey look by going slightly outside the lines. It gives the image a very rustic quality, and I think it's even more charming because of it. Actually, by going outside the lines of the illustration, it also makes it look older, which was common in some old graphics. I hope you enjoy this beautiful digital flower download in many of your projects!


  1. Love the colorized version. Would you consider sharing how this is done?

  2. Thank you, Tracy! Your question comes at a great time, since I'm making an announcement later today. So, stay posted! ;-) Actually, I plan on posting more tutorials, and your question has given me inspiration on a post about how I do this.

    In short, however, I work with multiple raster layers in my image editing software so that I'm able to manipulate the order of the layers.

    I open the image, and then open a second raster layer, which is the one I 'paint' in. I'm not careful to stay within the lines because it's more charming that way. I love the look.

    When I'm done painting, I then move the image transfer layer to the top of the layers so that the painted layer is behind the illustration.

    Any image editing software will allow you to do this. It's so fun, and I plan on offering more colored versions of the digital image transfers.

    I hope this helps you create your own colored versions.

    Thanks again for your question and interest ;-)



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