Digital Download of Beagle Dog Clip Art Vintage Image Transfer

What an adorable vintage image of a Beagle! I created this digital dog clip art from a vintage, 1889 illustration in a natural history book. In this animal clip art, it's interesting to see how much this dog breed has changed over the decades. I hope you enjoy this wonderful digital dog download in your projects.


  1. Another wonderful vintage dog image! Thank you so much. The older beagle pic looks so much more terrier-like than current ones. We have a lot of beagles in rescue in this part of the country since they use so many in laboratories. They come from a rough start, but at least more dogs are being released to rescues so they can be rehabilitated and find homes. They're such sweet little dogs. It's hard to think of them living caged all the time.

  2. You're welcome, Ratgirl :-) Yes, I've rescued several cats, and I always wish I could do more. Thanks for your comment.



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