Free Digital Map Background: Vintage Map Clip Art of Ontario Canada

This is a wonderfully colorful digital map background of Ontario, Canada. I love digital map clip art for backgrounds in mixed media art projects. They are also perfect for decorating gift and hang tags, as well as design elements in vacation and travel scrapbooking projects. I've posted another digital map graphic here.


  1. Thank you. U have great maps,

  2. Thank you, Diana! I appreciate your kind comment :-) I love the detail because it makes them so interesting. You're welcome!

  3. Oh this is so cool Carolyn. If you follow the red line that runs close to the right side of Georgian Bay all the way up to about an inch from the top, that is where you'll find me in Sudbury although the map apparently doesn't list it.

    Thanks so much for this and also for the yellow crosswort, some vintage shoes, and an apple I picked up during this visit.


  4. You're welcome, Lisa! And, thanks for the directions ;-) I'm always so glad you find lots of treasures here. Hope you enjoy :-)



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