Free Printable Flower Scrapbook Paper: Pink Rose Graphic Digital Background Paper

Wow! I sure love how this digital scrapbook paper turned out! The colors pink and green together are always wonderful and make a lovely contrast. And, I hope you love playing with it as well. I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of the pink rose graphic I used to create the printable background. The beautiful rose image is of a Victorian scrap from one of my scrapbooks. The digital background is an 8.5 x 10 inch image. Enjoy!


  1. Oh Carolyn, the rose is wonderful. What a nice thing to see on a Sunday morning. Thank you as well for the rose paper. Have a good day.

    Letters from the Shore

  2. An absolutely BEAUTIFUL rose!!! Thank you for sharing it!!

  3. You're both very welcome! Yes, I love this pink rose. Couldn't wait until I cleaned it up and played with :-)

  4. soooooooooooooo pretty!!!
    thank you so much!!!

  5. Haha! Thank you so much, Ann! It did turn out real nice. You are so very welcome :-)

  6. thank you so very much for the freebie!! just what i have been looking for!



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