Vintage Clip Art of Fruit: Vintage Graphic of Apples from Vintage Seed Catalog

I'm not sure if these types of apples exists any longer, but I'm sure they were delicious! If this beautiful color plate from an 1870's vintage seed catalog is any indication, they must have been some yummy apples. Anyway, I've never seen a Stark, a Wealthy, or a Rome Beauty in any grocery stores where I live. But, perhaps, we can still get seeds of these varieties. I hope you are inspired to use this lovely image in a project, and it can be a feast for the eyes!


  1. nice idea..thanks for sharing....

  2. Thanks for the gorgeous apple images. I have had Rome and Stark apples... if Stark are the same as Stark Jumbo variety. They are huge- some nearly as big as small canteloupes!



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