Free Black and White Illustration: Vintage Astrological Chart Body Parts Correspond to Zodiac Sign

Here's an interesting black and white illustration I found in a vintage book on astrology. It's a chart showing which signs rule which parts of the body. According to astrology, each sign in the zodiac rules a part of the body, which may explain why, being a Virgo, I've experienced so many problems in my abdominal area. Hmmm, interesting, indeed. Anyway, these correlations are fascinating. Enjoy!


  1. Thankyou for this post, most informative. I am Taurus which points to the neck area, I have since a child suffered with excessive calcium in my saliva gland. Had it removed a couple of years ago (the gland) that is. So I wonder if there is something in this after what you have stated to about abdominal problems. Mmmm Interesting.
    Wendy xx

  2. cool is this! thanks so much!!! it really is interesting and so different.

  3. You're welcome! Well, you never know, do you? My friends and family who've complained of physical problems, more often than not, have had problems in areas which correspond with their zodiac sign. Yes, it is very interesting.


  4. points at calves, never had a problem there

  5. I wondered if a Virgo was behind the painstaking detail of scanning and organization of such lovely prints! I am an astrologer and I am always relying on my 2 Virgo friends to keep me from missing aappointments, tripping over shoelaces and accidentally sending pictures of kittens to my publisher instead of my column. It's happened once! I joke that my friend Bridget is 2 months older than I because someone had to remind me to get born. This site is a great find!

  6. Haha! Yes, my perfectionism keeps me lovingly creating all these beautiful images, which I love! And, yes, I'm incredibly detail oriented. Thanks for your wonderful comment, and I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. Hope you always find lots you love, Pepper.



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