Easter Clip Art: Vintage Easter Basket Victorian Die Cut from Vintage Victorian Scrapbook

Here's a little gem of clip art! This is an adorable Victorian die cut of an Easter Basket filled with natural eggs. This vintage graphic of an Easter Basket is nothing like what children receive from the Easter Bunny these days, but the yesteryear look of this Easter tradition is charming in its simplicity. I hope you enjoy this little treasure.

I've provided both the .jpg and .png files for you.


  1. This is a lovely image....thank you.

  2. Thank you once again for the PNG image, I love how unique the eggs are.
    I will always carry sweet memories of my childhood Easter Sundays with pretty dresses, coloring eggs with Mom and then hunting for plastic ones in the yard. Somehow we never thought it was strange that the Easter Bunny would leave plastic eggs. Oh the innocence of youth.

  3. You're so very welcome, Tracy!! So glad you like them :-) They are really unique. Oh, yes, my brother and I have awesome memories from our childhood Easters. Our mom went all out, even hiding a special gold, plastic egg somewhere that was full of special goodies! Haha, never questioned the plastic egg thing either! Too funny. And, I loved dressing in special Easter clothes too. I miss that a lot.

    So glad you've got good memories. That's important :-)




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