Valentine's Day Clip Art Antique Postcard of Sailor and His Faithful Love

This is a beautiful image from an antique French postcard that I think works well for Valentine's Day projects. I know very little French, so I can't translate the phrase perfectly. My apologies for that. But, if you understand French, I'd love for you to leave the translation in the comments below. However, from what I understand, the woman is letting her Alsatian sailor know that he can always count on her having faith in his success. Now, isn't that romantic? It's a WWI, patriotic postcard, but the sentiment is loving, and I think that the image says it all. Enjoy!


  1. Oh so happy I am to have you back with your wonderful images. I have borrowed some of you to a background. Take care. ♥

  2. Literal Translation:

    Patriotic Vision
    You can always count on me dear Alsace has fled to success.

    via Google Translate (yes I cheated).

  3. @ Tracy: Thank you so much for the translation! Less romantic than I thought, but the image still sends a wonderful message ;-)

    @ VintageMadeForYou: Thank you very much! It's great to be back! Yea! Have fun with those images.

    @ Ana Marquez: You're so welcome! Have fun!



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