Valentine's Day Clip Art Antique Images of Valentine Graphics: Romance and Love

I used to run another clip art site called, The Antique Image, which some of you may know and hopefully enjoyed. Unfortunately, I let that site go a while back at the same time I went AWOL from Antique Images, finally deciding to delete the blog entirely. Therefore, all those lovely images aren't available any longer.

I just couldn't let those images go with contintuing to inspire all of you, so from time to time I'll be posting those images here at Antique Images for you to enjoy for the first time or all over again.

Here are a few romanic images that work so very well for Valentine's Day. These beautiful pieces of Valentine clipart are from a 1917 Italian Perfume Advertising Book that I found in an antique shop. The graphics are extradordinary! I divided the images between the two sites. You can find the other images here. Enjoy!

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  1. Can Feel some anniversary designs coming on. Thankyou. Hugs xxx



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