Digital Plant Image Transfer Download of American Agave

This is a stately digital image transfer of a potted American Agave plant. I created this botanical clip art from a lovely vintage illustration in a book about indoor gardening. I love that the potted plant is sitting on a square column. I hope you enjoy this digital plant clip art in your projects!

Digital Drop Cap Download of Vintage Letter with Blue Bird

This is a pretty digital drop cap download of the letter 'u'. I love the distressed, vintage look of this drop cap graphic. And, the little blue bird with spread wings makes it even more charming an image. This digital scrap of a drop cap is perfect for a personalized project or just as a beautiful drop cap letter, decorating a lovely phrase. I hope you enjoy this drop cap download in your projects!

Vintage Dog Clip Art of Dalmatian Image Transfer of Animal Breed

This is a wonderful digital image transfer of the dog breed, Dalmatian. I love that the image transfer shows the animal in motion. The detail of the muscles and coat is so beautiful! It looks as if the Dalmatian was more spotted over 100 years ago. It almost looks like the coat of a leopard! I hope you enjoy this amazing digital dog download in your projects!

Vintage Fashion Clip Art of Beautiful Woman Holding Tea Cup

This is a very pretty digital woman clip art of a beautiful woman holding a tea cup. Isn't her dress amazing?! I love the colors green and pink together. And, her adorable hats just tops it off perfectly. She looks as if she's having a wonderful time at a tea party. I can imagine her standing with her friends out in a lovely, blossoming garden, sipping delicious teas. What bliss! This digital fashion clip art would be a fun and charming design element in one of your projects, especially one for a tea party. I hope you enjoy this delightful digital vintage women download!

Digital Clip Art of Vintage Oil Can Image Transfer

Perfect for Father's Day projects or for a project celebrating the mechanic in your life, this digital oil can clip art makes a wonderful design element. I love the detail, and that long nozzle makes a very unique digital image transfer. I hope you enjoy this printable vintage image in many of your projects!

Scrapbooking Digital Wildflower Clip Art of Flower Great Mullein

What a gorgeous, yellow flower image! This is pretty, digital clip art of the wildflower, Great Mullein. The yellow is particularly brilliant! I created this pretty vintage flower download from an illustration in a 1885 book on wildflowers. The detail of the wildflower image is stunning. I hope you enjoy this digital flower clip art in many of your projects!

Digital Scrapbooking 1913 Vintage Baby Carriage Image Transfer

I think vintage baby carriages are so stylish and pretty! Digital image transfers of baby carriages make perfect design elements in baby projects. I've posted a very unique and pretty vintage baby carriage and a 12 x 12 digital background paper with the carriage image. I hope you enjoy this digital image transfer in your projects!

Black Damask Digital Scrapbooking Background Paper Vintage Design

I'm experimenting with digital damask scrapbooking papers and enjoying the fruits of my visually delicious labors. Today I've posted a lovely digital damask paper that I created from a pretty design in a 1920 stenciling catalog, as well as a few different versions of the design pattern. So that you can created any color you need for your projects, I've posted the grey scale versions. I hope you enjoy this digital scrapbooking background!

Vintage Turkey Bell Transfer Clip Art

This is a wonderful digital image transfer of a vintage turkey bell that I created from an illustration in a hardware catalog. Actually, it looks like any kind of bell, so it's still a great image for any project, even a Christmas or New Year's project. I hope you enjoy this digital bell clip art!

Free Etsy Shop Banner and Avatar Set Pink Flowers with Blue Background

I love the subtle, soft shades of this Etsy shop banner and avatar set I created with images of vintage wallpaper. The simple design of the digital graphics allows for your shop name and tagline to really stand out. I know this set would be great for so many shops, but what came to my mind when I designed it was that it would be perfect for a shop that sells baby or children's products. With the pinks and blues and overall softness, it lends itself well to baby items. Of course, these printable downloads would work in many other projects, especially on handmade cards or as a bookmark. I hope you enjoy this pretty Etsy banner set!


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