Romantic Young Colonial Vintage Couple Clip Art

This is a spectacular digital romantic download of a young couple outdoors. The soft colors of this romantic image are gorgeous. I love the muted shades of pink and mauve. The girl's pink dress is divine! Especially with the apron full of roses. She is no doubt trying to catch the attention of the young, handsome gentleman who is pretending interest in leisurely reading. This is a wonderful digital romantic clip art that would be lovely as part of a handmade Valentine. I hope you enjoy this digital vintage couple download!

Vintage Digital Burdock Wildflower Download Botanical Clip Art

Despite the lovely detail, this digital flower clip art isn't truly pretty. However, it is a wonderful digital botanical download of the wildflower, Burdock. I've given you a colored version, which I think makes it so wonderful for handmade greeting cards. I hope you enjoy this digital botanical clip art!

Cow Wheat or Melampyre Wildflower Digital Botanical Flower Download

This is certainly an attractive flower. I created this digital flower clip art from an 1885 botanical illustration in a wildflower book. This is the wildflower, Cow Wheat or Melampyre. I love the bright yellow flowers. They really stand out! I hope you enjoy this beautiful vintage wildflower download!

Digital Download Vintage Oil Can Image Transfer Engineering

This is a wonderful digital image transfer of a vintage oil can. I think this digital download would be great in a project for someone who likes working in a garage, on a car, or just likes engineering in general. I hope you enjoy this clip art download!

Digital Drop Cap and Monogram Download of Letters and Flowers

Isn't this a pretty bit of digital monogram clip art?! Especially with those pink flowers behind the red letters? I created this digital drop cap and monogram clip art from a tiny Victorian scrap. It looks to me as if the letters are: e, r, and c. And, it looks as if they're all in lowercase. Therefore, this drop cap image would need to be for a VERY specific project and person! But, despite the particulars, it's a lovely digital monogram that I think would be a fun element in any of your project. Maybe you could make a fun anagram for these letters and then use it in a project. I hope you enjoy this pretty letter and flower clip art!

Vintage Turnspit Dog Animal Digital Clip Art Download Image Transfer

I hope you've enjoyed all the digital dog clip art I've posted this past week. Today, for my final dog post, is a digital dog download of a breed that no longer exists. This is a digital image of the Turnspit Dog. These dogs were bred and trained to run on wheels that turned spits for roasting meat. I created this vintage dog clip art from an 1885 illustration in a natural history book. I hope you enjoy this digital animal download in your projects!

Vintage Child Download 3 Children in Park with Bird

How sweet! These three children are walking in a park or garden, dressed in their best clothes, observing a tiny bird. Can you see it? The tiny bird is on the bottom left of the image. The Victorians loved nature, which is why botanical images feature prominently in my digital clip art. I love the children's outfits! They're so colorful! I hope you enjoy this digital children download in your projects!

Thibet Dog Vintage Digital Download Animal Clip Art

After years of genetic alteration, many dog breeds can change over decades and begin to look very different in many aspects; however, the Thibet Dog has changed very little by the looks of this vintage illustration. I created this digital dog clip art from an 1885 illustration. It's wonderful as it depicts the dog in a natural setting. I hope you enjoy this digital dog download in your projects!

Digital Children Scrapbooking Image of 2 Girls Playing in Garden

How sweet is this digital girl clip art?! An older sister is teaching her younger sister to make a pretty necklace made of fresh-picked flowers. And, their dresses are to die for! This vintage girl fashion is gorgeous. I created this vintage girl download from a tiny Victorian die cut of two girls playing in a garden. I can imagine this girl clip art in a scrapbooking project celebrating sisters, cousins, or friends. I hope you enjoy this digital children download!

St. Bernard Dog Vintage Digital Download Animal Clip Art

This is a gorgeously detailed digital image transfer of the dog, St. Bernard. This vintage dog clip art shows the indicative shaggy coat of this large breed, as well as the big, bushy tail. I created this vintage dog download from an 1885 illustration. I hope you enjoy this vintage animal clip art!


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