Digital Antique Free Frames Paper Crafting Floral Border Download Clip Art

frame border image digital download
digital frame clip art

frame border design image download illustration
digital frame clip art

frame border clip art image download
digital frame clip art

I've posted three, amazingly beautiful, digital, antique frame downloads that I created from Victorian paper scraps. The first digital frame clip art is of a pretty gold and pink paper scrap. This frame image was part of a multi-layered greeting card, which is why it's torn and distressed in many spots. However, I love the charm of a distressed, tattered look. The second digital frame design is also from a layered, Victorian greeting card. This pretty, digital frame is peach and teal in a very stylish design. The third decorative, printable frame is designed with gorgeous wildflowers. Again, I left the worn appearance of the frame because it's so unique.

digital frame downloads .png

Digital Download Antique Circus Animals Leopard Lion Tiger Illustrations Clip Art

leopard image animal antique illustration
digital leopard clip art

lion animal image antique illustration
digital lion clip art

tiger animal antique illustration digital download
digital tiger clip art

These are three, amazingly gorgeous digital circus animals downloads I created from antique, Victorian die cuts. The antique illustrations of the leopard, lion, and tiger are so beautiful in their distressed condition. The lion illustration needed lots of digital enhancement because its tail had been severely damaged over time. Despite the much shorter tail, the lion still looks gloriously grand. These digital circus animal images are perfect as design elements for a zoo scrapbooking project.

digital circus animal downloads .png

Vintage Restaurant Illustration Food Soup Cabbage Bacon Download Clip Art

food soup image vintage illustration download
digital soup clip art

food cabbage bacon vintage illustration image
digital cabbage and bacon clip art

restaurant people vintage illustration download clip art
digital restaurant clip art

These are fabulous, vintage food and restaurant illustrations I found in a 1966 recipe book. I love the stylish, vintage food and restaurant illustrations, especially how the cabbage, bacon, and soup are colored outside the lines. The digital food clip art is perfect for decorating handmade recipe cards, labels for homemade goodies, or party invitations. The digital restaurant image is also perfect for a handmade party invitation.

Antique Illustration Boy Clip Art Image Sailor Postman Digital Downloads

boy mail antique illustration postman image
postman clip art

boy sailor antique illustration digital image
sailor clip art

Antique Victorian paper scraps and die cuts are beautiful and adorable and make wonderful images to use in many projects. Today I've posted two adorable digital boy downloads of boy clip art I created from antique paper scraps. The first digital boy clip art is of a boy postman. The big envelop he's holding is wonderful, as is his mail bag. I love using little mail images such as this to decorate handmade Valentine cards. The second digital boy clip art is a young boy dressed as a sailor. His antique sailor outfit is so cute!

digital boy downloads .png

Free Vintage Cars Illustrations Roadster Overland Driving Downloads

car vintage image illustration digital download
vintage car clip art

car vintage image illustration digital download
vintage car clip art

These are two, vintage digital car images of 1917, Overland Roadsters. I love vintage cars, and these two digital vintage car downloads are wonderfully detailed and colorful. The second vintage car image is great showing the happy family out for a drive. I think that this car clip art would be a fun design element in a scrapbooking project celebrating a vacation. The blue color of the first vintage car image is so beautiful. The deep blue of the car is perfect for the time period.

digital vintage car downloads .png

Vintage Laundry Soap Cleaning Product Image Illustration Clip Art

cleaning soap vintage image download
cleaning product clip art

cleaning product vintage image illustration download
cleaning product clip art

These are two, spectacularly gorgeous vintage, digital cleaning product downloads I created from wonderful laundry soap illustrations. I found these two cleaning product illustrations in a California Perfume Company, 1915 catalog. I love the detail of the laundry tablets in the first cleaning image. The image is beautifully realistic with the cleaning tablets spilling out of the box. And, the second digital cleaning product clip art shows another laundry image of a beautifully decorated, circular box. These two laundry images would be lots of fun in a creative project!

digital cleaning product downloads .png

Scrapbooking Flower Camellia Rose Clip Art Paper Crafting Downloads

flower camellia image botanical download
digital Camellia clip art

flower rose image clip art digital download
digital rose clip art

These are two, amazingly gorgeous digital flower downloads I created from antique Victorian paper scraps that are still in perfect condition. The first digital flower download is of a bunch of Camellia flowers. The pink and white flower illustration is stunning, showing both fully bloomed and buds of this lovely flower. The second digital flower clip art is of a bunch of pretty roses. The pink and yellow roses are amazingly pretty surrounded by the healthy, perfect leaves. Both of these spectacular digital flower downloads will make any of your projects a joy to create and a wonderful gift for someone special.

digital flower downloads .png

Digital Strawberry Clip Art Berry Fruit Illustration Downloads

strawberry fruit image berry illustration download
digital strawberry image

strawberry fruit image berry illustration download
digital strawberry image

These are two, bright and colorful digital strawberry downloads I created from antique, Victorian paper scraps. Each digital strawberry image is amazingly detailed, showing the tiny seeds and little, thin leaves. These digital strawberry illustrations look fresh enough to eat! The fruit images would be awesome design elements for designing and creating handmade labels and recipe cards for homemade goodies.

digital strawberry downloads .png

Vintage Beauty Product Digital Image Download Body Powder Perfume Bottle

beauty vintage image product download
vintage beauty product image

beauty vintage product illustration image download
vintage beauty product image

These are two, vintage beauty downloads that I created from 1915 beauty product illustrations. The first digital beauty clip art is of a tin of talcum powder. The vintage beauty product label is incredibly beautiful decorated with the lovely Violet flowers images. The second digital beauty clip art is of a bottle of women's perfume. It's a simply designed bottle, but still very pretty. The gold metal cap on the perfume bottle really makes the bottle image stand out. Either of these beauty product illustrations would be great design elements on gift tags for beauty products.

vintage beauty products downloads .png

Scrapbooking Digital Wildflower Free Images Crafting Flower Clip Art

flower wildflower image illustration crafting
digital wildflower image

wildflower image flower crafting download image
digital wildflower image

These are two very pretty wildflower downloads that I created from antique flower illustrations. The first digital flower image is of the wildflower, Bog Asphodel. The second digital flower image is of the wildflower, Pimpernel. Each wildflower clip art shows a very delicately beautiful flower. The Pimpernel's red flowers dangle above long, thin stems with little leaves. The Bog Asphodel's long, slender leaves mirror the shape of the tall stalk of yellow flowers. Both of these digital scrapbooking flower images would be lovely in any project.

digital wildflower downloads .png


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