Antique Children's ABC Book Printable Front Back Cover

book image antique children digital download
antique abc book front cover image

book children image antique download
antique back cover abc book image

These are two beautifully colorful digital images of the front and back cover of a children's antique linen ABC book. I love the colorful graphics, as well as the worn and distressed look of the images. Perfect for creating your own child's project, these two antique book images would make lovely design elements for a handmade book.  

Antique Illustration Image Beauty Artwork Jar Face Cream Product

beauty product antique illustration digital download
digital beauty product clip art

beauty product antique jar image digital download
digital beauty product clip art

Today I've posted two pretty digital beauty product downloads of antique illustrations of jars of skin cream. The beauty product labels are so fancy and beautifully designed. Over at The Graphics Monarch, I've posted blank label designs of these digital beauty clip art. Perfect for crafting customized gift tags, these blank labels are ready for your personal message and printing!

digital beauty product downloads .png

Free Antique Beauty Artwork Illustration Box Gift Hand Soap

beauty soap gift box image digital download
digital beauty clip art

This is an absolutely gorgeous digital beauty download of a gift box of pretty hand soaps. The pretty gift box label is designed with lovely, pink flowers and a variety of green shades in the leaves and background color. The flower design is repeated on the paper wrapping each bar of hand soap. I would love getting this for Christmas!
digital beauty soap download .png

Distressed Tattered Background Old Paper Letter Antique Script Digital Downloads

background digital paper distressed image crafting download
digital distressed background download

background digital paper antique script download image

digital distressed background download 

These are two digital background downloads of distressed, old paper images. The first digital paper background, with the plain, distressed design is a perfect base for so many projects, including collage and mixed media crafting. The second digital background paper is designed with antique script. I created this digital background from a note I found in an antique book. Handwritten images are wonderful designs for background because they allow for more important elements to stand out against the consistent background.

Wildflower Artwork Free Illustrations Digital Flower Clip Art Downloads

flower digital illustration wildflower image download
digital wildflower artwork image

flower image wildflower illustration antique download
digital wildflower artwork image

Today I've posted some lovely, digital wildflower downloads of antique wildflower illustration. The first digital wildflower clip art is of the flower, Comfrey. It's a pretty purple wildflower with long, pointed leaves. The second digital wildflower image is of the flower, Yellow Rocket. This wildflower does look like a rocket taking off with the yellow flowers opening larger the lower they are on the stem. This flower looks as if it's rising upwards. Both of these digital flower images will be lovely in so many projects.

digital wildflower artwork illustration downloads .png

Beauty Nail Care Products Digital Download Gift Box Antique Illustration

beauty product illustration digital image download
digital beauty clip art

This is a stunningly gorgeous digital beauty download created from an antique illustration of nail care products in a beautiful gift box. I'm sure this pretty box full of nail care supplies would have made a lovely gift for any occasion. The nail files, nail buffer, cuticle sticks, and nail bleach and powder bottles are all so wonderfully detailed. I especially love the look of the silk lining in the box. The soft folds and ruffles of the fabric are so pretty. You can almost feel it!

digital beauty care products download .png

Antique Women's Fashion Illustration Artwork Winter Coats 1914 Images

fashion illustration coat image women artwork
antique coat fashion image

fashion antique coat women illustration artwork
antique coat fashion image

These are two very pretty digital antique fashion downloads I created from 1914 coat fashion illustrations. The second digital fashion clip art is so wonderful. That big, fluffy white and green coat and huge, white muff look warmly delicious! And, her little red, long shoes are too cute! The model looks quite comfortable. The first digital fashion clip art is colorful and stunning. The inside lining of the coat, the bright magenta flowers, is spectacular.

digital antique coat fashion download .png

Cute Children Digital Clipart Valentine Boy Chocolate Box Girl Letter

boy valentine illustration antique chocolate digital download
digital Valentine boy clipart

girl letter illustration antique fashion dress digital download
digital girl holding letter clipart

Today I've posted two adorable digital children downloads of a girl and a boy. The first digital child image is of a little boy holding a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a Valentine, and an umbrella. He's also dressed in adult clothes and shoes that are far too large for him. He's too adorable! This digital boy image would make a wonderful design element in a Valentine's Day project. The second digital child clip art is a pretty little girl holding a letter. She wearing a very large bonnet with an even larger red feather. The huge red ribbon under her chin is precious as well.

digital children download .png

Antique Free Women's Hat Fashion Clip Art Birds Feathers Flowers Ribbons Designs

hat antique fashion image women illustration
women's hat fashion clip art

hat fashion antique women illustration digital download
women's hat fashion clip art

hat fashion antique image women download printable
women's hat fashion clip art

I found these three beautiful paper die cuts in one of my Victorian scrapbooks and created wonderful digital women's hat fashion downloads. Any one of these digital antique fashion images would add lots of charm to a project. The first digital hat clip art is of a lacy, frilly pink bonnet. The hat is topped with a big, pink rose. The second digital hat clip art is of a very fancy hat designed with a bird and red roses. The white trim around the hat gives the hat a Christmas look. And, the third digital hat clip art is of an incredibly spectacular straw hat designed with a blue ribbon and a single, large feather. That's a grand hat indeed!

digital women's antique hat fashion downloads .png


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