Victorian Floral Crafting Hand Whimsy Clipart Digital Flower Decorative Image

flower floral victorian hand whimsy image antique diecut clipart
Victorian flower hand whimsy image

This is a very pretty, Victorian hand whimsy die cut of flowers and a sentiment. The tender sentiment is perfect for crafting handmade greeting cards or note cards. And, the beautiful face of a child within the big, purple flower is lovely. Because of the sentiment, this digital flower clipart is also perfect for Valentine's Day crafting projects.

floral flower crafting image victorian clipart digital download
Victorian flower hand whimsy download image .png

Free Antique Drop Cap Letter Clipart Floral Daisy Design Printable Crafting

drop cap letter image crafting clipart floral design digital download
antique drop cap letter clipart

Today I've posted a lovely, antique drop cap letter clipart design of the letter, B. This digital drop cap design has a very stylish, red letter B and pretty daisy and Forget-Me-Not flowers around the letter. This drop cap letter is perfect for crafting a personalized crafting project for someone with a name beginning with the letter B.

drop cap letter image clipart crafting digital download illustration daisy
antique drop cap letter image download .png

Cute Victorian Cats Drawing Clipart Holding Paws Under Umbrella

cats victorian clipart digital download image free stock illustration
antique Victorian cats clipart image

This is an adorable, antique cats clipart of two, Victorian tabby cats holding hands while walking under an umbrella. How cute! The two tabby cats are taking an afternoon walk under a blue umbrella. Victorian illustrations of cats are usually very wild looking, but some are very charming. The cat holding the umbrella wears a yellow ribbon around her neck.

cats victorian illustration drawing digital download clipart
antique Victorian cats clipart download .png

Vintage Floral Swirl Rose Wedding Digital Card Backgrounds Victorian Wallpaper Patterns

floral rose flower wedding background paper download pattern digital
printable floral wedding paper background

background victorian wedding rose vintage floral pattern digital clipart
printable floral wedding paper background

rose flower floral wallpaper background clipart digital paper wedding
printable rose wedding paper background

digital background paper wedding rose floral pattern clipart crafting
printable rose wedding paper background

background paper rose floral swirl pattern digital download wedding
printable flower wedding paper background

Today I've posted a beautiful digital paper pack of vintage floral wedding background papers! Created from vintage, Victorian wallpaper samples, each of these rose wedding background images are in a pretty, soft color. The wedding backgrounds are perfect for invitations, cards, and any wedding handmade project. The floral rose and swirl designs are bold and stylish! The wedding backgrounds measure approximately 5" x 7".

Antique Illustrations Victorian Children Clip Art Flower Girl Park Picnic

children antique clipart illustration artwork picnic basket
Victorian children antique illustration 

girl flower antique illustration artwork child digital clipart download
flower girl antique illustration 

These are two, charming digital children clipart images created from antique, Victorian paper scrap cards. The first digital children clipart image is of two children, a girl and boy, having a picnic in a park. The older sister holds a picnic basket on her lap as they both pick what they want to eat. How cute! The second digital child clipart is of a flower girl. The little flower girl stands next to a flower basket full of daffodils. She looks tired and sad. Poor thing! These digital children illustrations are bright, colorful, and very charming.

Royalty-Free Clipart Craft Flower Floral Corner Digital Pack Pink White Botanical

flower floral design corner clipart scrapbooking craft digital image
digital floral corner design clipart
clipart craft flower corner design scrapbooking image download
digital floral corner design clipart

Today I've posted two, floral corner designs created from antique, Victorian paper scraps. Both of these clipart flower craft images are designed with pretty pink and white flowers. These floral cliparts are perfect for your spring crafting projects, especially for handmade Mother's Day greeting cards, birthday greetings, stationary and wedding sets, and scrapbook pages. 

Antique Funny Victorian Cat Evening Suit Fashion Illustration

cat funny victorian fashion illustration clipart download image
funny Victorian cat illustration image

Today I've posted an adorably funny, Victorian cat clipart created from an illustration found in one of my scrapbooks. This Victorian cat illustration shows a very sophiscated cat dressed in men's evening wear fashion. His tuxedo suit is beautiful! The striped pants and top hat and black boots just make his outfit even more wonderful. The cat is carrying an umbrella and holds monocle glasses to his eye. Very stylish! This digital funny cat clipart would be lots of fun in any crafting project.

cat funn victorian fashion suit clipart download image
funny Victorian cat clipart download .png

Craft Frame Clipart Royalty Free Digital Papercraft Background Scrapbooking Printable

frame digital clipart craft frame scrapbooking papercraft background
antique papercraft frame image

Victorian greeting cards were beautifully intricate and fancy, and were created with several layers of decorated paper. Today's digital clipart image is of a papercraft frame design from one such greeting card. This pretty paper art was on the base layer, which is why there are lots of distressed areas. Despite the distress, this digital frame image makes a wonderful digital background for lots of crafting projects.

digital frame clipart craft scrapbooking background image stock
antique papercraft frame download .png

Clipart Craft Vintage Norwegian Red Riding Hood Illustration Artwork

red riding hood image norwegian clipart vintage download
vintage red riding hood image

Today I've posted a beautifully colorful, vintage Norwegian Red Riding Hood image created from a Victorian paper scrap. This digital girl clipart makes a perfect crafting image, especially for handmade storybook projects. The grass image at the bottom of the Red Riding Hood illustration is a great base for a paper doll as well. Her pretty dress, basket of goodies, and bouquet of wildflowers are charming!

red riding hood clipart illustration image download artwork
Norwegian red riding hood clipart download .png

Free Vintage Spring Women's Coat Fashion Clipart Illustrations Catalog Images

fashion coat illustration vintage clothes image clipart digital
vintage 1915 coat fashion clipart

fashion image coat illustration vintage clothes catalog clipart
vintage 1915 coat fashion clipart

These are lovely, colorful vintage women's fashion illustrations from a 1915 clothes catalog. Both of these vintage fashion clipart images show spring, long coat illustrations in gorgeous colors and designs. The women's hats and shoes are also beautiful! Either of these digital vintage fashion cliparts are perfect for decorating gift tags or as design elements for scrapbooking projects celebrating a love of clothes.


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