Printable Blank Flower Digital Label Design

label printable flower image
digital flower label .jpg
flower label digital image
digital flower label .png

Usually I digital enhance and fix many of the images I post; however, sometimes, like with this label image, I leave the original worn and distressed evidence of these gorgeously aged paper scraps as I found them because the tattered, torn places make the image beautifully rustic. I love a tattered, rustic look of some of my images. It gives a unique quality as well. This is a pretty digital flower label I created from a little Victoria paper scrap. I hope you enjoy this printable label design in your greeting and note card projects! 

Digital Flower Label Design Printable Clip Art

label image flower printable
digital flower label .jpg
label flower printable image
digital flower label .png

What a deliciously distressed printable label! I created this digital flower label from a very worn and tattered Victorian paper scrap. I love the worn edges because they just make the printable image more charming. The distressed look will also give your projects a rustic quality. The blank label design also works great for decorating greeting and notes cards since you can personalize it with your own message. I hope you enjoy this digital flower label in your projects! 

Yellow Rose Digital Clip Art Printable Label Blank

rose flower digital image
yellow rose clip art .jpg
flower rose illustration
yellow rose clip art .png
rose flower digital label
digital flower image .png

This is a pretty digital rose image I created from a distressed, vintage Victorian paper scrap. I think it's lovely all worn, torn, and aged. I kept the imperfections because it adds to the charm of the image. I've also given you a version without the sentiment so that you can create your own labels or cards and personalize them for your projects. I hope you enjoy this yellow rose illustration! 

Angel Digital Clip Art Beautiful Woman Vintage Beauty Products

angel beauty products woman images
angel clip art .jpg
angel woman beauty digital images
angel clip art .png

This is a spectacularly beautiful digital image of sweet, adorable angels helping a beautiful woman with her daily beauty regimen. The angels brush her long, gorgeous hair, spritz her her with sweet scented perfume, apply lovely make up to her face, and hold up a mirror so she sees how lovely she is. This is a vintage, Victorian advertising card for women's beauty products, and I think the advertising is very effective. Who wouldn't want a team of adoring angels making us up each morning. My hands raised! Ha! I hope you enjoy this pretty digital angel clip art! 

Digital Wildflower Illustration Flower Persicaria Botanical Clip Art

flower digital illustration wildflower
wildflower image .jpg
wildflower digital illustration flower
wildflower image .png

This is a lovely flower digital image of the wildflower, Persicaria. It looks a lot like the flower, Lavender. This is a dainty, pretty flower illustration that will look beautiful in any of your projects. I think this wildflower image would be a wonderful design element on items decorating the bathroom. I love botanical designs in the bathroom, especially plants and flowers used in beauty products that smell heavenly. I hope you enjoy this lovely digital flower clip art! 

Vintage Postcard Back Image Digital Stock Clip Art

postcard image digital vintage
vintage postcard back image .jpg

Vintage postcard back images make wonderful backgrounds for a variety of projects. I especially love using postcard back clip art for decorating gift tags. They give the tag a charming vintage look that makes the gift even more special and pretty. This digital postcard back image is from a 1913 postcard from my personal collection. I hope you enjoy this postcard clip art in your projects!

Digital Vintage Hat Fashion Women's Clip Art 1913

hat fashion women illustration
vintage hat fashion image .jpg

hat vintage illustration fashion
vintage hat fashion image .jpg

These are two incredibly lovely digital images of women's vintage hat fashion I created from a 1913 clothes catalog. The hat fashion is very colorful and whimsical, especially the first hat which sports a tall, black feather. And, the hat band of large, colorful beads on the second hat image is so cute. These two digital fashion images would be great design elements on a project for a woman who loves fashion. I hope you enjoy these hat illustrations!

Digital Flower Illustration Vintage Wildflower Clip Art Sainfoin

flower image wildflower illustration
wildflower image Sainfoin .jpg
wildflower image flower illustration
wildflower image Sainfoin .png

This is a digital image of the lovely wildflower, Sainfoin. The delicate, long leaves along a long, thin stem and the dainty pink flowers a top a cone-shaped cluster make this a pretty flower illustration. The symmetry of the image also makes it a beautiful botanical clip art for any of your projects. I hope you enjoy this beautiful wildflower image! 

Digital Borders Frame Illustration Download Scrapbooking Element

stock frame image
digital frame clip art .jpg
digital borders illustration
digital frame clip art .png

This is a wonderful, digital frame image I've created from a vintage illustration I found in a 1922 lifestyle magazine. I've post two other frame that are very similar to this one, which both came from the same magazine. They all similar but very unique and distinguished on their own. I love the distressed appearance, and this one has a little blank space at the top of the border illustration that can be personalized for your specific project. The design of this digital frame, like the other two, is perfect for any project because of the general look of it. I've posted one of the digital borders here, and the other digital border here. I hope you enjoy these printable, decorative frames for so many of your projects!

Digital Borders Frame Clip Art Decorative Scrapbooking Element

stock digital frame image
digital frame clip art .jpg
stock frame illustration
digital frame clip art .png

This is a beautifully decorative digital frame image I created from a vintage illustration I found in a 1922 lifestyle magazine. I love the stylized floral design around the border. And, I also love the distressed look of the digital border image. I think a distressed look adds to the charm of the border illustration. The .png format I've given you has a transparent background inside the borders of the frame so that you can completely frame any image you want. I hope you enjoy this decorative frame clip art for many of you rprojects! 


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