Peacock Printable Card Label Bird Design Clipart Craft Image

free peacock bird printable label card design clipart download
printable label design download

This is a pretty, printable peacock card and label design download, created from a Victorian calling card. The printable label design has a decorative border featuring a big, beautiful peacock image. The bird clipart is very colorful and vibrant. The digital border image is also designed with lovely floral images. The blank space available in this digital design is perfect for customization for any crafting projects, including gift tags, greeting cards, note cards, business cards, and lots more.


  1. Thank you Carolyn, this is a beautiful image : )

  2. Ooooooo, I want this as a business card!
    Shari in Columbus, GA

  3. Yea! You're both so welcome! It is a gorgeous peacock image. And, yes, it would make a unique business card, Shari. Hope you both enjoy. Thanks!



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