Free Flower Nettle-Leaved Bellflower Image Wildflower Illustration Image Transfer

flower wildflower botanical artwork image digital download transfer
vintage Nettle-Leaved Bellflower clip art image

Today I've posted a gorgeous, vintage flower illustration image of a Nettle-Leaved Bellflower. This pretty digital flower clip art shows the delicately beautiful shade of lilac of this wildflower. Also known as, Bats-in-the-Belfry, this wildflower's long, trumpet-shaped petals have faded shades of purple along its length. Whether on the front of a handmade greeting card or frame for home decor, this vintage flower illustration download will add lots a pretty charm to any crafting project.

flower wildflower transfer image botanical illustration digital download
Nettle-Leaved Bellflower digital download .png

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