White Rose Image Transfer Flower Clip Art Illustration

rose flower artwork image transfer botanical clipart
vintage white rose image

Today I've posted a gorgeous digital flower clip art of white roses. This digital white rose image is perfect for lots of crafting projects, including image transfers on paper and fabric. This white rose transfer was created from a Victorian paper scrap that was taken from an old seed catalog.

flower rose botanical image transfer vintage illustration
white rose clip art download .png


  1. So beautiful- I would love to have these in my yard!
    Thanks for all the pretty pics through the year.
    Merry, merry Christmas!
    Shari in Columbus, GA

  2. Merry Christmas to you as well, Shari! Thank you so very much for a wonderful year of appreciation. I hope you enjoy and prosper with all the clip art goodies I post here. Happy New Year!



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