Free Blank Digital Gift Tag Label Designs Vintage Corked Bottle Clip Art

label digital gift tag design antique image
digital blank label design

gift tag label antique design free printable
digital blank gift tag label design
These are two stylishly antiqued digital blank label designs created from antique images of baking products. The glass bottles with corks are a wonderfully antique charm. I've left the original frame design of the label, which I think is so beautiful. You can customize these digital blank label designs to suit any project you're creating. 

digital blank label downloads ,png


  1. These are great Carolyn, thank you : )

  2. Thank you for all the images!

  3. These are very cool. I can see using one on a get well page with a get well soon printed on the label or maybe something silly like take 2 tsp. and call me in the morning. :)

  4. You're all so very welcome! Have fun! And, thanks, Amy, for sharing those awesome ideas! Love the wonderful comments my friends :-)



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