Free Animal Clip Art Buffalo Fox Antique Illustrations

buffalo image antique illustration digital download
digital buffalo clip art

fox image antique animal illustration digital download
digital fox clip art

These are two wonderful digital animal downloads that I created from antique, 1870 Victorian die cuts. The whimsical, artistic illustrations are beautiful. The Victorians almost fantastically interpreted the natural world, which was a burgeoning interest. The first digital animal image is of a buffalo. The detail is gorgeous, especially the luxuriously curled coat. The second digital animal image is of a fox. The reddish coat is so pretty, and the fox's long, bushy tail is lovely.

digital animal downloads .png


  1. Hiii :) I really love your blog♡♡ thank for the images! I use them to decorate my journal ^^
    Greetings from Mexico! :D

  2. Thank you, Hachi! So Wonderful hearing all the creative ways my images are enjoyed.



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