Antique Boy Clip Art Digital Download Children Images

boy antique digital illustration child clip art
digital boy clip art

boy children image digital download illustration
digital boy clip art

boy antique illustration digital download
digital boy clip art

These are three, wonderful antique boy clip arts I created from colorful, bright Victorian paper scraps. The first digital boy image is of a beautifully dressed little boy wearing a paper hat. His purple suit and red leggings are awesome! The second digital boy download is of a group of boys using each other to climb over a wall or fence or getting high enough to get some ripe, delicious apples from a tree. As the climb on each other's shoulders, it looks as if they're trying to get high enough to reach something. It looks very mischievous! And, the third digital boy image is of very handsome boy dressed in a silk, colonial outfit. He's holding a bouquet of flowers, which makes this a perfect image to use in a romantic project.

digital boy downloads .png

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