Digital Children Download Adorable Lamb Flowers Illustrations

children playing tree flower image illustration
children playing clip art

flower leaves download illustration
flowers and leaves clip art

lamb illustration flowers image
lamb clip art

lamb tree flowers field image illustration
lamb clip art

These are some adorable digital children and lamb downloads that I created from a vintage greeting card I recently found in an antique shop. I love the brightly colored flower illustrations in each of the cute downloads! The fluffy, white lamb is a precious image and would be a wonderful design element in a child's project. I think these brightly colored children and lamb illustrations would be so fun designing party invitations, especially if it's an outdoor party.


  1. Love the children playing. Thank you for all the images you share!

  2. That cute lamb reminds me of the one that was on our 'family' baby bed. Everyone used it!
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
    Shari in Columbus, GA



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