Wildflower Image Digital Forget-Me-Not Flower Download

flower wildflower image digital download
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flower digital download botanical art
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I love wildflowers, and I always try and have a vase or two full of a bouquet of flowers in my house every week. Today I've posted a beautiful digital image of a bouquet of Forget-Me-Not wildflowers. These little blue flowers look fresh picked all gathered together with stems of leaves and ferns. The wildflower Forget-Me-Not symbolizes true love, remembrance, fidelity, and loyalty; therefore, this flower image would be a perfectly lovely design element in a project celebrating love or a fond memory of a loved one. I've used Forget-Me-Not flower images on the front of handmade, 'Thinking of You' cards. 


  1. What a lovely old image of forget-me-nots! Thank you for sharing!



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