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This is a stunning Violet flower image I created from a vintage birthday postcard. I love that this digital flower download looks like a painting, which makes it even lovelier. Each little flower gathered together in this wild bouquet, with the big leaves protruding out between the lavender-colored flowers, really gives it a freshly-picked look. I can image this wildflower image printed on textured paper and framed. What a spectacular gift that would be! 


  1. Beautiful image!
    But, I'm thinking that the flower is a violet, not a forget-me-knot. Anyone else?

  2. It's really beautiful, but it's not a forget me not, I believe it is a violet. I do enjoy all of the pictures you post, you do a spectacular job!

  3. Thank you both for the correction! I appreciate your comments :-) And, I'm so happy you enjoy my images.

  4. Thanks for the lovely violet image! I have lots of them growing wild around our yard. One of my favorite flowers!



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