Botanical Pink Rose Flower Illustration Digital Clip Art

rose flower image
digital rose clip art .jpg
rose flower botanical image
digital rose clip art .png

This is a stunningly pretty digital pink rose image I created from a distressed Victorian paper scrap. I love the distressed look of vintage image, especially roses! The pink of this rose illustration is incredibly vibrant and bright. If you've got a project with lots of pink color in it, then this rose illustration will be a wonderful design element, of course. I hope you enjoy this gorgeous stock rose clip art for your projects! 


  1. Beautiful crisp image, thank-you! Getting ready to work on my floral collection for Spring :)

  2. Thanks, Linda! I love spring! I'm putting together some lovely floral projects myself, and the flower images I've posted this month so far are great ones :-) Have lots of fun creating with all these.

    1. You welcome, would love to see your finished projects, have fun also creating!



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