Digital Flower Illustration Vintage Wildflower Clip Art Sainfoin

flower image wildflower illustration
wildflower image Sainfoin .jpg
wildflower image flower illustration
wildflower image Sainfoin .png

This is a digital image of the lovely wildflower, Sainfoin. The delicate, long leaves along a long, thin stem and the dainty pink flowers a top a cone-shaped cluster make this a pretty flower illustration. The symmetry of the image also makes it a beautiful botanical clip art for any of your projects. I hope you enjoy this beautiful wildflower image! 


  1. Happy day!!! Love this botanical and so happy you are back.

  2. Thank you, Teresa and Tracy! I appreciate it. You're so very welcome :-)

  3. So good to see u post!
    Have a great and happy day!
    Shari in Houston

  4. Thank you, Shari! I appreciate it :-) After a slight hiccup, I'm back. I hope you always enjoy these images.



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