Angel Digital Clip Art Beautiful Woman Vintage Beauty Products

angel beauty products woman images
angel clip art .jpg
angel woman beauty digital images
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This is a spectacularly beautiful digital image of sweet, adorable angels helping a beautiful woman with her daily beauty regimen. The angels brush her long, gorgeous hair, spritz her her with sweet scented perfume, apply lovely make up to her face, and hold up a mirror so she sees how lovely she is. This is a vintage, Victorian advertising card for women's beauty products, and I think the advertising is very effective. Who wouldn't want a team of adoring angels making us up each morning. My hands raised! Ha! I hope you enjoy this pretty digital angel clip art! 


  1. This is wonderful, raising my hand also would be great to have a team to help me get ready for the day also. Thank-you for sharing this.

  2. Ha! Good for you, Linda! Thanks for your awesome comment :-)



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