Vintage House Furniture Images Interior Design Illustrations

stock house flowers images
digital house front image 

stock chair image
digital furniture clip art

These are two lovely digital house clip arts I created from pretty illustration in an old book. I love the deep magenta color, especially in the first digital house image. And, those flowers decorating the front of the house are so charming. The Wisteria Tree is amazing! It looks like a little cottage. These stock house images are perfect as design elements on a handmade greeting card for a housewarming party or on invitations for a housewarming party. I hope you enjoy these lovely digital house illustrations in your projects! 


  1. Hi! These are beautiful! Thank you for all you do! I appreciate your kindness and beautiful designs! Kat

  2. LOVE these!
    Thank you!
    Shari in Houston

  3. Awesomness once again!!!!!!
    Thank you these all are so great.

  4. Wow! Thanks for all your wonderful comments! I'm so happy that you love them. They are stunning and so pretty. I truly hope you all enjoy creating with these house images :-) And, you're very welcome.

  5. The pictures of furniture in the houses that you've posted here remind me of a kid's story book. The illustrations are quite similar in some of the popular ones are they not?

  6. Yes, they do have that look, Marcio. These are adorable illustrations :-)



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