Pink Rose Stock Image Vintage Shabby Flower Clip Art

rose stock flower image
digital rose clip art .jpg 
rose stock illustration
digital rose clip art .png

This is an amazingly gorgeous digital pink rose image I created from a spectacular Victorian paper scrap. The rose illustration is rich, vibrant, and incredibly detailed. I love the depth of the pink petals and the myriad shades of green in the leaves. And, I think this pink rose clip art is perfect for Shabby Chic projects. This pink rose illustration is now one of my favorites, and I can't want to create some fun projects. I hope you enjoy this stock rose image in many of your projects!


  1. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful images with us so freely. You are a blessing. Hugs.

  2. You're both so welcome. Thank you, Mehrll, for your sweet comment. I love sharing :-)



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