Digital Stock Wildflower Image Flower Illustration Rag Wort

stock flower image
digital wildflower image .jpg

stock wildflower image
digital wildflower image .png

This is a digital illustration of the simple wildflower, Rag Wort. In its simplicity it's still a lovely flower with it brilliant, Daisy-like yellow petals. Digital flower clip art can be used in almost any project because it's so versatile, pretty, and conveys a message of beauty. As always, I love using stock flower images to decorate my handmade greeting cards. I hope you enjoy this wildflower illustration in many of your lovely projects!


  1. These are so helpful, thank you so much! Bless your heart! 💛

  2. You're so very welcome, Anna Jo! I'm so happy that you're enjoying my images. I hope you always find inspiration and joy creating with these lovely images. Thank you!



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