Digital Fruit Pear Stock Images Botanical Clip Art Variety Howell

stock pear image
digital pear clip art .jpg
stock pear image
digital pear clip art .png

This is a marvelously beautiful digital fruit clip art of the pear variety, Howell. I created this printable pear illustration from an 1870 illustration in a seed catalog. The colors and detail are incredibly lovely. This vintage pear image is a perfect design element for creating label designs for jars of homemade goodies, handmade recipe cards, gift cards, and so many other projects. I truly hope you enjoy this beautiful pear illustration in so many of your projects!

I've posted 4, pretty digital scrapbooking papers over at The Graphics Monarch that I designed using this gorgeous pear clip art!


  1. Beautiful image ,thank-you! Seeing this makes me wish for summer again, it went by this year so fast!

  2. Yes, it did! You're welcome, Linda. Hope you enjoy it :-)



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