Stock Red Rose Digital Clip Art

stock rose image
red rose image .jpg

stock rose flower image
red rose image .png

digital rose flower image
single red rose clip art .jpg

rose digital clip art
single red rose clip art .png

What a spectacular red rose image! This is a lovely stock red rose image I created from a pretty, Victorian paper scrap. The rose illustration is so detailed, it looks as if it'd be velvety soft to touch. The shading and deep, rich red is amazingly gorgeous. This lovely rose branch clip art is just screaming to be used in a beautiful project! It's so amazing that I just had to offer you the single red rose on its own. I hope you enjoy these two versions of a beautiful rose graphic for any of your projects!


  1. Hello and Thank you for the lovely images...

  2. You're both so welcome! The roses are particularly lovely :-)

  3. Thanks so much! I'm going to publish a freebie burlap and kraft paper frame with roses set and will link to you in my post!

  4. Thanks, Su! That sounds wonderful! I really appreciate the link. All the best to you.



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