Girl Digital Vintage Clip Art Flowers and Fashion

digital vintage girl clip art
girl holding daisy clipart .png

girl holding flower digital clipart
girl holding daisy clipart .jpg

vintage girl holding fishing pole
girl holding fishing pole .png

vintage girl fashion clip art
girl holding fishing pole .jpg

girl picking flowers clip art
girl holding flowers in apron .png

girl picking flowers image
girl holding flowers in apron .jpg

These are three, charming digital girl downloads that I created from three little Victorian scraps. They're all similar in design with flowers also being a theme in all three girl images, so I thought I'd post them together. Each of the girls is holding flowers, wearing wonderfully large bonnets, and adorable dresses. These three digital girl images are perfect for spring projects because of the flowers. I hope you enjoy all of these pretty digital child downloads in your projects!


  1. These little girl images are just darling. Thank you so much. Edwina Brown

  2. You're welcome, Edwina! They are adorable! These will be lots of fun to play with :-)

  3. So adorable! Thank you very much!!!

  4. Thank you for these precious images. Love them

  5. You're welcome, Mary and Mehrll! So happy you both love them. They are adorable :-)

  6. You're welcome, Linda! Each little girl is so cute. Thanks so much :-)



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