Vintage Scrapbooking Frame Kitchen Clip Art Digital Download

Some of our best memories are made in the kitchen when we're children, helping prepare meals. I cherish the time I helped my grandmother make her wonderful, and famous, chicken noodle soup. We hand-rolled the noodles! They were thick, chewy deliciousness! And, I'll never forget the Christmas we made gingerbread houses for the whole family. My father planned the houses, drew up the plans, and in one afternoon we did nothing but built beautiful, delicious works of art. I've posted a fun, digital scrapbooking frame today that'll help you celebrate your fond memories in the kitchen. This is wonderful printable, kitchen clip art I created from a vintage frame illustration. It's from a 1913 hardware catalog. I hope you enjoy this digital frame!


  1. This will be perfect, as I found a pic of Julia Child.
    Thank you.

  2. You're both very welcome! Julia would look right at home in this frame ;-)



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