Digital Illustration Flower and Hand Dogwood Branch Clip Art

This is a lovely digital download of Dogwood flowers. I created this digital flower clip art from a pretty Victorian die cut. I wish there had been more of that gorgeous, frilly purple cuff and sleeve, but what there is shown of it, it's incredible. I had to perform lots of digital restoration with this one, and it was worth the effort. This isn't quite a hand whimsy, but it's very similar. I hope you enjoy this digital botanical image!


  1. thank-you this is beautiful! I think I will be able to extend the cuff on it doing some graphic wizardly. :)

  2. Yea! Love to hear creative ideas, Linda! That's wonderful. Actually, another image of flowers could also be used to cover the sharp edge of the cuff image. Have fun playing with this one :-)

  3. Thank you! This is absolutely beautiful!



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