Vintage Digital Girl and Animal Clip Art Victorian Scrap Card with Dog and Garden Scenery

This is a delightful piece of digital vintage clip art I created from a Victorian scrap card. Isn't she a confident young lady in her stunning pink dress as she walks her very big dog in the garden? How adorable! I love the deep, rich colors of this vintage graphic. And, honestly, I am in love with those gorgeous, maroon tights she's wearing. I so want a pair! Ha! This wonderful girl and dog clip art would be a fun and charming addition to any of your projects. I hope you enjoy!


  1. What a Gorgeous Treasure! Thank you for sharing!! You're right, those tights are stunning :) I'd love to have a pair too :) Thank you for so much for everything you've posted!! I'm in love with Victorian art and now can create my own projects thanks to you!

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful and kind comment! I really appreciate your gratitude for these lovely images. You're so very welcome, and I truly hope you find an abundance of inspiration on my blog. I truly love what I do :-) Have fun creating!



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