Free Digital Image Transfer Antique Victorian Advertisement with Woman for Millinery Goods

I've given you several versions of this digital image transfer, both in .jpg and .png formats. I created these digital clip arts from an antique Victorian advertisement scrap. This little scrap advertises for millinery goods, and the illustration is very pretty. It could be used in so many projects! I'd love to see this digital woman graphic decorating an invitation. The fan would suggest perhaps an outside summer party. With the blank versions you can personalize them to suit your particular project. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Thank you so much! This is so sweet! Thank you for the ones where we can add our greeting!

  2. You're welcome, Mary! I love providing images that you can personalize. It's so much more fun! Hope you enjoy! Thank you :-)

  3. Hello and Thank you for the great pictures...



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