Free Digital Flower Clip Art: Wildflower Graphic of Yellow Rattle

Today I'm posting my last digital wildflower graphic. I've been posting them all week, and this is the 5th in the series. This beautiful flower image is of the wildflower, Yellow Rattle. Most wildflowers look like lovely flowers you would grow in your garden, and then there are a few that really look wild, like the Yellow Rattle. It's a pretty shade of yellow with a slight tinge of orange, and it has a wild, rough look to it. I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this digital flower clip art. I hope you enjoy!

Here are posts to the four other digital wildflower images in this series:

Salad Burnet
Shepherd's Needle
Stone Crop or Wall Pepper
Wood Sage

If you'd like even more beautiful wildflower images, I've got many, many more available from my Etsy shop, The Antique Image. They're bright, spectacular, and gorgeous digital wildflower graphics that are perfect for so many projects! Check them out!

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