Free Bird Clip Art: 2 Digital Scraps of Birds and Flowers Roses in Basket

These are two charming Victorian scraps featuring birds and flowers. The first bird clip art is a pretty blue bird perched atop a basket full of roses. It also features a lovely sentiment, which makes it perfect for handmade greeting cards. The second bird graphic features a wonderful, multi-colored with some beautiful pink flowers. This is a Victorian calling card and would usually have the name of a person in the free, white space at the bottom; however, I've removed that so you can personalize this lovely image for any of your projects. I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of the first bird image with the basket of roses. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Thanks, Carolyn. I always find lots to love when I visit you!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm so grateful and happy that you love my images. I really enjoy bringing them to all of you :-) And, you're so very welcome!



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