Free Antique Graphic: 1859 Victorian Godey's Dress Fashion Clip Art #1

These are spectacular Victorian dresses in this piece of antique clip art! This is an 1859 Godey's Fashion Plate illustration of four very lovely dresses. All these ladies look as if they're dressed for going out walking, especially since their dresses are particularly lovely and they're wearing pretty fischus on their heads. Why red flowers and an umbrella are strewn on the ground, I don't know why, but I can imagine that the woman in the brown dress had received them from a suitor; however, he sent them to her as an apology for some unintended social faux pas, and she has seen fit not to forgive him, thus definitively throwing them on the ground, along with her umbrella, in her defiance. Her calm and collected friends look pleased with her decision. Well, I can imagine that's what happened. Why else would such beautiful flowers be in a heap on the ground? Oh, my imagination! Haha! I hope you enjoy!


  1. Is there also a notecard or letter under her dress? Oh, I LOVE this graphic. Thank you so much! X



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