Free Vintage Flower Graphic: Lily of the Valley Flower Illustration

This is a very pretty vintage flower illustration of a Lily of the Valley. I love the contrast of the sage green of the leaves and the medium gray in the background. The muted colors really make this illustration beautiful. Enjoy!


  1. *squeals* Oh, my, Carolyn, this is the most gorgeous image ever of my mom's beloved lily of the valley!♥ I'm going to use it on the front of her birthday card in July, assuming that either my husband or son (the so-called computer science major - aargh) can figure out how to get the printer back online by then!!!

    Thank you! xoxo

  2. I knew you would like it, Pat ;-) It really is something special. You're welcome!

    Sorry to hear about the printer problem. Hope you're able to get up and running shortly :-)



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