Free Vintage Baby Photo: 1913 Black and White Photo of Infant

I recently found this vintage black and white photo of a baby from 1913 in a local antique shop. I love how just the adult's arms are in the photo holding the baby. How sweet!


  1. Aww, what a precious little baby! I love his/her big, bright eyes!

    I get a kick out of older Victorian photos of babies, which usually involve an elaborate use of props. So often, the little one is sitting/half-reclining on a chair covered with something like a heavy drapery panel, and you can sometimes see the shape of an adult's arms underneath the covering, supporting the baby!

    Thank you, Carolyn, for this adorable image.: ) xoxo

  2. Yes, I've seen some like that, and they're quite funny and charming.

    I know don't you love the babies eyes?! So cute :-)

    You're so welcome! So glad you like it :-)



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