Free Vintage Printable Label Design: Christmas and New Year's Eve Celebration Design

This vintage graphic could be used for SO many projects! Isn't is wonderful?! I found this on a postcard, which had no particular greeting on it, but it's clear that it could certainly be used as a celebration decoration. Christmas, New Year's Day, or a general party for any occasion are all implied in this image. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Carolyn, to thank you for the generous freebies we all adore, I have awarded your with the Sunshine Award. It's to bloggers from bloggers. Please visit my blog, Handgathered to read about it.

    Thanks so much, Anni

  2. Wow, Anni, thank you so very much! I truly appreciate your kindness and recognition :-)

  3. This is fabulous, thank you for sharing it!

  4. Isn't it?! I just love it! You're so welcome.



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